Kakuro nichiyou for win/linux/mac

With Kakuro Nichiyou you can create and play Kakuro puzzles or let the solver automatically solve them.
Versions for Windows 98/XP/Vista, Linux and MacOS exist and can be downloaded via the menu on the left.
The current Version is 1.0.1, Qt4 libraries are needed only in the Linux version.


  • 254 hand-picked/created Puzzles from puzzlemakers all over the world. Permission granted by Otto Janko, a great Puzzle collector visit his website.
  • Play Kakuros by setting numbers in the free fields, you can even make "notes" in each field (small numbers from 1..9)
  • Select from five graphics themes (thanks to Dargo!)
  • Save and Load your progress
  • A powerful and fast solver (the fastest in the world maybe)
  • Released as GPLv2 and GPLv3 with source code in each pack